Torch Coral Care Sheet

Indo Torch

Torch Coral

Family:  Euphylidae (Euphyllia Glabresecens)

Care Level:  Easy to moderate

Temperament:  Semi-aggresive

Waterflow:  Moderate ( not too low, not to high)

Lighting:  Moderate to strong (PAR 150-250)

Placement:  Top, middle & bottom (depending on lighting and water conditions)

Temperature: 76-82 Degrees fahrenheit

Specific Gravity:  1.023-1.025

PH:  8.1-8.3

Calcium:  400-450 ppm

Magnesium: 1200-1350 ppm

Alkalinity:  9-11 DKH

Aussie Gold Torch Coral
Photo Courtesy Of Aquatic Dreams

Torch corals range in a variety of colors depending on geography.  Torch corals can be easy to care for, however there are many variables that can effect the health of the Torch coral.  The placement for example can be anywhere in the tank.  This depends on the water movement and lighting.  The Torch coral needs medium water movement for feeding.  Too little or too much movement can result in RTN.

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Feeding isn’t terribly difficult either.  Like other LPS corals they have a symbiotic relationship with Zooxanthellae.  They also appreciate an occasional target feeding of Mysis shrimp, Reef Roids or other supplement.  Although they are not overly aggressive, they will sting neighbors so proper placement is necessary.

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