Funky Monkey Coral

Funky Monkey Coral has 11 Coral display tanks and 5 massive frag tanks. If you are looking for SPS, LPS, Softies or NFS colonies we are the shop for you. We believe in growing as many corals in our own facility as we can. Aqua- Culturing our own corals will help benefit the reefs all over the world. Eighty percent of what we sell from our shop has been aqua- cultured. We have hundreds of aqua- cultured frags that are of the highest quality!! We take special care for our corals at Funky Monkey Coral by always using reef dips and medications if needed, to insure that your corals are pest free and healthy for your aquarium. There is such a wide selection of corals here that we ship nationwide. Some of the most sought after and rarest of corals are grown here in our facility.


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