Captive Bred Hawaiian Yellow Anthias Care Sheet

Captive Bred Hawaiian Yellow Anthias

Captive Bred Hawaiian Yellow Anthias Care Sheet

Hawaiian Yellow Anthias – Holanthias fuscipinnis (also Odontanthias fuscipinnis)

Care Level: Moderate – Expert

Temperament:  Peaceful

Diet: Carnivore

Reef Safe:  Yes

Max Size: 3-4 inches

Minimum Tank Size: 100+ gallons

Hawaiian Yellow Anthias Origin & Characteristics

The Hawaiian yellow anthias is naturally a deep-water fish from Hawaii.  Due to their deep habitat, it’s an extremely difficult species to successfully harvest.  The stunning shape and coloration of these fish make them a rare and prized addition for any advanced level saltwater aquarist.  This anthias is perfectly adorned with a yellow body, displaying an abundance of stunning filaments emanating from practically its entire body.  The striking and brilliant purple markings outline the majority of its body.  Purple lines streak the face and line the edges of the fins.  Juveniles usually develop this stunning coloration at an age of approximately six months.  The wild and captive bred Hawaiian Yellow Anthias are virtually identical in size and color.

The Aquarium

Since these small, yet beautiful fish naturally originate from a lower water depth, it’s best to house your Hawaiian yellow anthias in an established aquarium with a large open swimming area.  Like their wild counterparts, captive bred Hawaiian Yellow Anthias tend to occupy the deeper regions of the tank.  An ample supply of  live rock and caves is necessary, should they feel the need to seek refuge.  Water circulation for efficient water oxygenation and surface agitation is also imperative for long term health.  The lighting environment should initially be low to moderate, however they will adapt to more intense lighting when acclimated slowly. While the wild caught Hawaiian Yellow Anthias is more sensitive to water depth and lighting, the captive bred Hawaiian Yellow Anthias is hardier.  Much like other aquacultured species of saltwater fish, this captive bred species adapts to aquarium conditions with little effort.

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The Hawaiian yellow anthias maintain a carnivorous diet.  They will accept a wide variety of carnivorous marine foods, such as enriched frozen brine and mysis shrimp.  Over time, they may accept small quantities of high-quality flake food.

Water Conditions

Standard reef tank water parameters are sufficient for this species. A temperature between 70 and 78°F, pH value of 8.1-8.4, salinity between 1.020-1.025, nitrites and ammonia levels at 0 ppm, and dKH 8-12 should be maintained for optimum health.


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