Bounce Mushroom Information & Care

Large Bounce Mushroom

Bounce Mushroom

Family:  Rhodactis

Care Level:  Easy

Temperament:  Peaceful

Waterflow:  Moderate ( not too low, not to high)

Lighting:  Low to Medium

Placement:  Bottom

Temperature: 76-82 Degrees fahrenheit

Specific Gravity:  1.023-1.025

PH:  8.1-8.4

Alkalinity:  9-11 DKH

The Bounce Mushroom is among the most sought after corals in the hobby and with good reason.  With their amazing colors and ease of care, the Bounce Mushroom can easily become the centerpiece of any reef tank.  There are several color variations of the Bounce Mushroom.  The original and most sought after mushroom includes the WWC OG Bounce Mushroom.  Extremely easy to care for, they don’t require any special attention.  Placement should be towards the bottom with PAR lighting parameters between 75-150.  Too much light can bleach, damage or even kill the mushroom.  Sharp substrate should be avoided.  They don’t require any dietary supplements as Rhodactis Mushrooms are Photosynthetic.  Bounce Mushrooms aren’t particularly finicky with water parameters either.  Basic reef tank maintenance and stability will be adequate.

Most specimens sold range from the size of a half dollar to an inch or two larger.  The Bounce Mushroom in the featured image is the size of a softball when fully extended.  Mushrooms in general are some of the easiest corals to care for as well as the most unique and colorful.  Don’t except to find any variety of Bounce Mushroom in the “sale” section of any LFS or online website.  Their rising popularity has made some specimens fetch a price tag of over $3,000.  Even the more common smaller ones generally range between $300-$1000.

Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

Overall, any variety of Bounce Mushroom such as the Sunkist Bounce pictured above will add to the color and diversity of your reef tank.  The “Rhodactis on steroids” as some have called them will thrive and showcase your tank for years to come.

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