Yellow Tang: Care Requirements

Yellow Tang

Caring For A Yellow Tang

Not surprisingly, yellow tangs are one of the most popular marine fish for aquarists.  Their vibrant yellow color makes them a beautiful addition to any tank.  Like most tangs, they are considered “runners” and require lots of space to swim and exercise. At least a 75-gallon tank is recommended for a fish of this size (1.5”-6” inches), temperament, and energy level. 

Specific Details:

  • Care Level : Beginner
  • Temperament : Semi-Aggressive
  • Reef Safe : Yes
  • Diet : Pellet, Flakes, Frozen Mysis, and Seaweed
  • Reef Safe : Yes

Introducing a Yellow Tang to an Aquarium:

While easy to care for, tangs have a bold temperament causing them to be territorial towards other tangs. When adding more than one tang to an aquarium, always try to introduce tangs of similar size at the same time. However, if adding a new tang to an aquarium with an existing yellow tang, it is recommended that the new fish be slightly larger in size to void being picked on.  The larger tank size can also help alleviate any territorial aggression. If the fish do not get along well then you may need to consider returning one to the local fish store.

Yellow Tang Diet Requirement:

Unlike most marine fish, yellow tangs spend much of their time grazing for algae and other forms of food. This helps keep your tank clean but seaweed like Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed must also be provided to supplement this part of their diet. It can be purchased dry in sheet form and hung from the glass using a special veggie clip.  Additionally, tangs need to be fed pellets, flakes, and frozen mysis shrimp to balance their diet.

With the proper care and tank size, yellow tangs can make a great addition to any saltwater aquarium system.

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