White Spotted Bamboo Shark Care Sheet

White Spotted Bamboo Shark

White Spotted Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum)

Care Level:  Expert

Diet:  Carnivore

Temperament:  Aggressive

Reef Safe:  No

Max Size:  3 feet

Minimum Tank Size:  300 Gallons

Naturally living on coral reefs and lagoons, the White Spotted Bamboo Shark uses it’s long slender body to navigate crevices and caves.  This relatively small shark is popular for it’s size and general ease of care.  Growing to a maximum of three feet in an aquarium system, a large, stable and mature system is a must for any shark species.  As a juvenile they can be kept in aquariums as small as 300-350 gallons, however when fully grown 450-500 gallons is necessary.  When it comes to sharks, stingrays and any other large fish, the rule of thumb is the bigger the better.

White spotted bamboo shark

The White Spotted Bamboo Shark requires pristine water conditions and sandy substrate.  Excellent biological filtration as well as a large sump are equally as important.  Maximum open swimming area should be provided while allowing for plenty of caves and hiding places.  Sharks require the highest amounts of dissolved oxygen.  Subsequently, surface agitation is extremely important.  Provide extra power heads as necessary for optimum water movement.

Another point of consideration is tank mates.  Generally speaking, this bottom dweller should not be in the same system as anything that inhabits the bottom or disturbs the reef.  Examples are Triggers, large angelfish and large Groupers.  The White Spotted Bamboo Shark will also eat most crustaceans and inverts.  As such they cannot congregate with Starfish, snails, shrimp, crabs or urchins.  Tangs, stingrays and other similar sharks are the best tank makes for this species.

Strictly a carnivore, they will readily forage and consume almost any meaty item.  Proper nutrition includes shrimp, pieces of fish, squid, mussels and clams.  Schedule feedings that pace the growth of the shark.  In general, feeding a White Spotted Bamboo Shark equals three or four times a week.  If well fed, they should leave other tank inhabitants at peace, however they will hunt and consume any crustaceans within the tank.

The water parameters for this shark are standard for most reef setups.  A temperature between 74-79 degrees Fahrenheit is acceptable.  A specific gravity of around 1.025 with a PH of of 8.1 and 8.4 will allow for long term health.  Well suited for reef tank life, the White Spotted Bamboo Shark will provide years of enjoyment for the expert aquarist.

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