This Open brain coral comes in a variety of shapes and colors.  Trachypyllia are usually folded while others can assume a figure eight shape.

  • Classification:  (LPS) Trachypyllia
  • Level:  Easy-Moderate
  • Light Level:  Moderate
  • Water Flow: Light
  • Disposition:  Peaceful (some say semi aggressive, but mine have been fine in a community tank.)
  • Water Conditions: PH:8.1-8.4, 75-80 F., specific gravity 1.025, dKH 8-9.5
  • Placement:  bottom

Trachypyllia Care Sheet.

Known for their vibrant colors “Trach’s” are moderately easy to take care of.  Rules of thumb for Trachypyllia include:

  • Although they generate nutrition through symbiotic algae regular target feeding is recommended for overall health.
  • Moderate lighting only.
  • Place on substrate with no sharp rocks nearby or anything else that can damage the coral.
  • Trachypyllia Geoffroyi will feed either during the day or at night when their tentacles are out.


Trachypyllia are susceptible to various problems and diseases within the saltwater aquarium environment .

Trach’s are particularly susceptible to Brown Jelly Disease , White Band Disease and bleaching.  Excess lighting, heavy water flow and poor or fluctuating water parameters are common culprits.  Also, do not let detritus, sand or sediment accumulate on these corals.  The coral will react thus expelling energy and eventually weakening it.  If it is apparent that the coral is losing color and becoming transparent move it to a shady part of the tank immediately and monitor.  Trach’s and other open brain corals such as Welsophyllia’s can recover from bleaching if caught in time.  A reduction in light allows the coral to expend less energy, therefore making it easier to recover.  Other important factors include iodine, trace elements along with an adequate supply of calcium.  Prodibio has a product line that contains all of the necessary supplements and elements necessary for optimum health and color.

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