Lime Green Wrasse

Lime Green Wrasse: Banana Wrasse
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Lime Green Wrasse: Australia. – Thalassoma lutescens

Care Level:  Easy

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Reef Safe:  With Caution

Minimum Tank Size:  100 gallons

The Australian Lime Green Wrasse is a colorful and large species of the Labridae family.  The Lime Green Wrasse is also known as the Sunset Wrasse, Banana Wrasse and Yellow Brown Wrasse.  Like many wrasses this species goes through a terminal phase.  Juveniles are a yellowish white color while adult males are blue with a green and pink head.  Females have a more greenish body.

A relatively large tank is necessary as this active fish can grow to 12 inches.  A 100+ gallon tank with live rock and an open swimming area is appropriate.  Known for its aggressive nature the Bananna is best kept with other large aggressive species.  As this particular wrasse ages it becomes more and more aggressive and should be the last addition to a tank. It will eat small crustaceans, ornamental shrimp and occasionally even small fish.  Star fish, urchins and bristle worms will eventually become a meal for this solitary species as well.  On the brighter side it will completely ignore all types of coral.

The Banana Wrasse also enjoys turbulent water as well as a varied diet consisting of anything meaty such as vitamin enriched Mysis shrimp.  Like other members of the wrasse family, it may burrow in the gravel or sand.  A three inch substrate bed is advisable along with a tight fitting lid.  The Lime Green Wrasse in addition to being large and rowdy is a notorious jumper and will eventually end up on the floor without a lid.  This should be the only wrasse in any setup, however in large systems a mated pair can coexist peacefully.

Overall this extremely hardy fish is a welcomed addition to an aggressive tank.  Its active personality and vivid colors are sure to brighten up any aquarium.  Typical water parameters apply for long term health.

Temp:  72-78; PH 8.0-8.4; SG 1.020-1.025; Nitrites & Ammonia 0 ppm; Nitrates <10 ppm

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